Vicki Dry

We have been clients of Fester & Chapman for 17 years. During this period our group has had corporate changes, moving from being a for profit to a not for profit, applied for and received 2 Qualified Zone Academy Bonds, had 2 facility bond financings and one re-financing. During these periods Fester and Chapman not only provided audit services but also did additional financial statement procedures to ensure our audited statements and other financial information could be used as tools for these financings.

Fester & Chapman have provided audit services for Noah Webster Schools-Mesa, LAS School Foundation and Noah Webster Schools-Pima both while they were for profit and not for profit entities. Over the years we have come to rely on their professionalism and their willingness to fully explain any findings or concerns. They have always provided very personable and qualified audit staff to perform on-site field work. Their staff is always ready with advise on how to better prepare for and fully participate in an annual audit. In addition, they have always notified us well in advance of any anticipated or finalized changes issued by any regulating agencies that would affect upcoming financial outcomes.

Because of the continued excellent services we have received over the last 17 years, we would recommend Fester & Chapman to anyone in need of accountants or auditors. Their expertise and professionalism is something you will come to rely on.